Aquatic Jewel
Jal mahal Enveloped by Water


Nocturnal Majesty
Kumbhalgarh Fort


Ivory Heights
Hilltop Retreat of White Houses

Some Moments which been Captured by My Lens

People who have inspired me pursuing Landscape Photography.

Slow down, think more and shoot less. It's all too easy to run around getting excited shooting everything and moving on, but you will soon learn that this doesn't always produce the best results. It pays to slow down and really think about your image, work on it and wait until you know the light is at it's best.

Thomas HeatonLandscape Photographer

My advice to others is make sure you take time to learn, especially from the greats who came before you. Learn about exposure, metering, composition, artistic mindset, and everything else. Learn from other people and don't assume you'll be able to just figure it all out on your own by going out and doing it.

Nick CarverLandscape Photographer


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